Due diligence

Don’t make these mistakes when buying into a business

Owning a business is a goal for many people and being a business owner can be an incredibly rewarding experience both professionally and financially. It’s very common for prospective business owners to be attracted to the prospect of buying a business either by acquiring the whole business themselves or by purchasing a share of the […]

Why employees at Apple & Google are more productive

This thought provoking article by Forbes examines the differences that team structures and individual employee performance can have on the overall productivity of a business. It’s an article that’s well worth reading for any business owner as the outcomes of adopting different methodologies for managing teams are dramatic. All businesses tend to have the same[…..]

Innovating to drive accelerated growth

A recent report produced by Bankwest found that over 61% of businesses say that innovation drives strategy in their business and that over 87% of businesses are embracing innovation to at least some extent in their strategy and culture. When asked what innovation means to their business, most common responses to the survey were: •[…..]