CFO Services

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Business mentoring & accountability coaching
  • Management reporting
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • KPI’s & ratio analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Business case development
  • Transaction based advice
  • Internal controls
  • Bookkeeping oversight

Driving growth, achieving goals

Our CFO services are designed to bridge the skills gap within a business that needs high-level financial advice and oversight but doesn’t have the amount of work to justify the cost of engaging a full-time CFO. Furthermore, many owners find they need ongoing advice during the year and whilst such advice is largely financial in nature, it may also extend to assistance with strategy, staffing, operations and much more. Quite often owners will feel isolated with limited people around them that they can reach out to for assistance but this is where outsourcing your CFO can really benefit a business.

Engaging with a CFO has a number of benefits, the key being the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone is helping you manage and monitor the finances of the business. This person is available to offer ongoing advice and guidance whenever you or your business needs it and help execute the strategic plans to really accelerate the growth of the business. A virtual CFO will also help the business operates efficiently, provide oversight of the finance department, implement new systems, manage cash flow and mitigate risks.

Maddock’s Accounting & Advisory offers CFO services on a fixed fee basis, specifically tailored to each client’s individual needs and budget (at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO). For business owners, this means that they are able to manage cash flow but tap into the knowledge and experience of a CFO to ensure they’re able to execute their strategic goals and objectives, and work through any roadblocks that could potentially destabilise the business. The team at Maddock’s Accounting & Advisory have a proven track record of driving sustainable and accelerated growth, and our client’s benefit from that experience by putting it to work on building their businesses. We measure our success by your progress towards achieving your business and personal financial goals.