Our Capabilities Include

  • Strategic planning
  • Business mentoring & accountability coaching
  • Forecasting & scenario analysis
  • Fundraising/debt management
  • Business case development
  • Risk management
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Growth strategies
  • Process improvement & cost reduction
  • Cloud accounting advisory
  • IT advisory

Every business is continually evolving, as they progress through the business cycle and change as a result of market forces. From a start-up to a mature business, and each stage in between, each business and market presents its own set of opportunities and challenges. Our team has the knowledge and experience to understand what it takes for each business to succeed, whether that’s to grow, or expand internationally, strengthen, or sell your business.

Find Your Roadmap

Responding to change while growing a business can be extremely challenging, and creating sustainable growth comes down to strategy and planning. Without a strategic roadmap, or failing to update it regularly, it’s difficult to plan effectively, drive staff performance and potentially expose the business to new and unexpected risks. Our advisory services can assist owners overcoming common issues such as:

  • Clarifying shareholder expectations
  • Assessing business performance and market opportunities
  • Aligning the interests of owners and managers
  • Developing action-oriented business plans
  • Identifying and mitigating growth risks
  • Setting targets and KPI’s
  • Developing forecasts and budgets
  • Streamlining internal processes to drive efficiency
  • Seeking opportunities to drive sustainable cost reductions

At Maddock’s Accounting & Advisory, our professional team can support your business through our range of advisory services to help you achieve your goals and break through to the next stage of growth.