Cloud accounting gold coast

Maddock’s Accounting & Advisory is now a Xero Partner

Whenever small business owners ask us what the best accounting software is for their business, our response without hesitation is Xero. Xero has changed the game for small businesses by creating cloud accounting software that’s both simple and smart. The combination of cloud accounting software with an ecosystem of over 600 add-ons means businesses can […]

Due diligence

Don’t make these mistakes when buying into a business

Owning a business is a goal for many people and being a business owner can be an incredibly rewarding experience both professionally and financially. It’s very common for prospective business owners to be attracted to the prospect of buying a business either by acquiring the whole business themselves or by purchasing a share of the[…..]

Protecting your business from fraud

It’s critically important that every business, irrespective of its size, has appropriate internal controls in place to reduce the risk of fraud. Acts of fraud are not limited to big business and unfortunately implementing appropriate internal controls measures are often overlooked by owners of SME’s which makes them more vulnerable to losses arising from fraud.[…..]