This page will be continually updated (last updated 22/3/2020) Federal Government Boosting cash flow for employers – This measure will provide up to $100,000 back to eligible small and medium sized businesses and Not For Profits that employ people, with a minimum payment of $20,000 to eligible business that employ staff. The payment will […]

Lessons in pricing – don’t make these mistakes

It may surprise a lot of people to hear that one of the most common pain points for business owners is pricing. What is not surprising is that pricing is critical to the success or failure of every business. Business owners should check that they’re not making one or more of these mistakes. Situation #1[…..]

How to create good habits in business

If you’re like most small business owners, there are never enough hours in the day to complete every task on your list. Often you’re faced with prioritizing what you need to do right now – deal with a customer, meet a deadline, attend an event – and the things you know you should do for[…..]

Are You Falling Behind By Not Automating These Business Activities?

The daily processes and transactions involved in operating a business can mean long hours of repetitive tasks and occasional oversights due to human nature. Automating these tasks can result in significant savings in resources and eliminate mistakes caused by human error. The key, however, is to know which tasks should be automated and which ones[…..]