Accurate costing of inventory drives success

When a business sells products to customer, inventory is essential to the business being profitable and is often the largest asset on the balance sheet. Managing inventory is critical to driving the success of the business but many people fail to accurately calculate and understand the cost of each item they stock. There are 3 […]

Managing business seasonality and succeeding

The vast majority businesses experience cycles of high and low activity during the year at regular intervals. For some businesses, these fluctuations may only be minor but in other businesses they can be dramatic. The ability of a business to prosper (and even survive when the ebb and flow is extreme) will be dependent on[…..]

Reduce the time it takes to receive money from customers

Collecting money from customers after a sale has been made is one of the biggest frustrations that consumes time for SME’s and failing to collect money in a timely manner directly impacts working capital. This article provides 9 best practice measures that businesses of all sizes should be implementing in order to ensure debtors are[…..]

Alternative sources of funding for small businesses

In today’s business environment, there is an ever growing range of choices available for small businesses when it comes to raising much needed funds. Changes to bank lending policies have made it more difficult than ever to access traditional lending so the issue on how to sustainably fund a new business is trickier than ever.[…..]