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Maddock’s Accounting & Advisory is now a Xero Partner

Whenever small business owners ask us what the best accounting software is for their business, our response without hesitation is Xero.

Xero has changed the game for small businesses by creating cloud accounting software that’s both simple and smart. The combination of cloud accounting software with an ecosystem of over 600 add-ons means businesses can create a sophisticated, robust and streamlined system that is incredibly easy to use and integrates with all aspects of their business to provide real time information.

Quite simply, in a rapidly changing marketplace this timely information can be the difference between running a business profitably or not.

Benefits of being a Xero Certified Advisor

Maddock’s Accounting & Advisory is proud to be a Xero Certified Advisor. This certification means you can be certain that we have the very best cloud accounting knowledge and experience to get your business setup on Xero easily. As a Xero Certified Advisor, we’re in the best position to provide you with the training and support necessary to use the cloud accounting software and maximise efficiency within your business at a fraction of the cost of more sophisticated stand-alone systems.

We believe that not only is it important to have the skills and expertise necessary to advise clients on the best cloud accounting systems they should use but we “walk the walk” by using Xero and specific add-ons in our business.

All of this means that we’re able to serve our clients quicker and more efficiently than ever before and you can be certain that we’re able to make sure that you’re getting the most value out of Xero by automating tasks wherever possible and reducing the time it takes for administration tasks (up to 10 hours per week in some circumstances).

Growing our cloud accounting experience and expertise

We’re able to utilise our relationship with Xero to continue to be at the forefront of updates to the cloud accounting software. As a Xero Partner we have an obligation to undergo ongoing training which means that our expertise will continually develop so we’re able to add value to your business and the systems you use to manage it all.

The ever-growing number of add-ons can make it difficult for businesses to identify which (if any) add-ons are most beneficial. Xero offers the unique benefit of being able streamline your business with hundreds of tools that integrate seamlessly with Xero – from payroll to point-of-sale to inventory. We continually invest time and resources learning about, testing and working with add-on vendors for the benefit of our clients and their cloud accounting systems. Attending conferences and events throughout the year enables us to connect and collaborate with add-on partners to remain at the forefront trends and developments in the cloud accounting industry.

The future

As a firm focused on helping small businesses grow, we see cloud accounting and real time financial information as a key to achieving this success. Contact us at Maddock’s Accounting & Advisory to find out how you can transform your business with Xero.


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